Trust for Overseas Aid and Development


About Us

TOAD raises most of its funds through fundraising activities and events.

TOAD’s funds are allocated to specific projects run by existing specialist organisations operating in the developing world.

These projects must fulfil one or more of the following aims:

  1. The prevention or relief of poverty

  2. To improve the level of health, hygiene and sanitation

  3. To improve the provision and standard of education


TOAD is focusing its support in the Mtwara region of southern Tanzania..We have supported READ International and the Mikindani Youth Development Group providing school text books, resources and tuition for handcrafts and also improved agriculture.


Our thanks go to all of those who have supported us and donated their time and money buy our particular thanks for their support in fundraising go to:

The Victoria & Albert in Netherhampton

Bernie & Jane Dench at Karibub B&B in Wilton

The forest LIVE series: supporters, volunteers & Azania Ltd

Contact us by email

TOAD is currently dormant but we hope in time to resume our fundraising activities and support for other organisations.